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Writing a Blog is Kind of Intimidating!

I was overwhelmed for a week with the multiplicity of subjects I could write about. I’ve been learning more about Bayes’ Theorem lately, should I write about that, using the occasion to test my understanding of the subject? Or, perhaps I could write something about how feminism needs to embrace the struggle for transgender equality, for the same reasons feminism needs to embrace anti-racism and LGBT rights: feminism that’s not intersectional is totally useless. I could have written something up about Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., the African-American Marine Corps veteran who was shot dead in his home, in his underpants, by racist and out-of-control cops in White Plains, NY, for the terrible crime of accidentally setting off his Life Alert pendant and then not wanting to let the cops into his apartment. White Plains is only a few hours away from where I’m living now. I’m also reading a fascinating book called Religion Explained by Pascal Boyer, which delves into the science of cognition in an effort to explain why some religious ideas are nearly universal and yet vary so much in the details of their expression.

For right now, I’m writing a post about how freaking hard it is to write something every day, or even every other day. It’s so much easier to just be the peanut gallery for someone else’s stuff. That way, if I have a hard time articulating my thoughts, I can just not say anything. Committing to writing something every day, as my friend Audley Z. Darkheart has done, would be a major departure from my current mode of existence, which is unstructured, open-ended, and undisciplined. Which is why I’m making the commitment. Part of the reason I decided to start writing was to encourage myself to practice the discipline of writing, of doing it every day whether I feel like it or not, even if it’s just a short thing to complain about this or that thing I saw on the news.

So here it is. Check this space tomorrow. I’ve decided to write about how humans relate to the natural world and how this ties into the denial of anthropogenic global warming (AGW for short). Boo-yeah!



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