I was unemployed for a while, and living with my sister because I couldn’t find a job and couldn’t pay rent. Now I’ve got a new place and a job, though it is literally the worst paid job it’s legal to have in America, it’s still something. I’m talking about Americorps. But hey, at least it’s interesting work. Public communication about energy efficiency. Right up my alley, actually. I love science, though ultimately I prefer to design and plan rather than investigate. My degree is in Environmental Science and I love geography and geology first and foremost. I’m also an amateur dabbler in the subject of feminism, social justice, and political activism. I’ve done a bit of organizing–a SlutWalk here, a local campaign there–and I definitely want to do more. Other goals include getting my Master’s, playing in a 1920s swing jazz band, and living on a boat.


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