I’m going to the American Atheists Convention!

So, yeah, I applied for a Surly Amy scholarship to go to the 50th Anniversary Convention for the American Atheists, and I GOT IT!


Okay. So. Next problem: travel and accommodations. I told Surly Amy that although I am super poor right now, actually working full time but earning less than the federal minimum wage (it’s totally legal because it’s SERVICE!), I would still be able to rustle up travel and lodging somehow. And that “somehow” is you! Looks like airfare from upstate NY to Austin will run me about $600. I’m also interested in securing lodging. Now, I know some folks in the Austin area, with whom I may be able to stay, but I’m also interested in getting a hotel room, if not on-site, then at least close by. Especially since I won’t have a car while I’m there. Hey, does anybody in Austin have a bicycle I can borrow? Anyway, I’m just putting this up here to start getting the word out. I’ll update with details about how to donate as soon as I make arrangements.

UPDATE: Stephanie Zvan has agreed to be the go-between for fund collection for my travel and lodging. Thanks, Stephanie!

UPDATE 2: Because I’m a n00b, I’m having trouble embedding the paypal html here. Stay tuned! Or go to Almost Diamonds and click her Paypal link. Just be sure to drop her a note telling her that it’s for Sending Sally to Austin.



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11 responses to “I’m going to the American Atheists Convention!

  1. Deanna Joy Lyons

    So excited for you! We booked a room for part of our stay with priceline’s website at a place walkin distance from the convention hotel. It was just under 100 bucks a night.

    Good luck!

  2. I made a donation at Almost Diamonds for you, SallyStrange.

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  4. Sally, here’s the direct link to my post on the topic, since I only have the FtB buttons on my sidebar: http://freethoughtblogs.com/almostdiamonds/2013/02/15/sending-sally/

  5. Look for hostels accommodations near hospitals for people visiting sick relatives. They are often inexpensive and little advertised. Or youth hostels (usually for people under 30) in walking distance of the conference hotel. Or student accommodation. Also, try to find someone willing to share with you. The Hyatt is sold out but there is a free shuttle to & from the Wyndham.

  6. There seem to be several Wyndhams, but don’t overlook inexpensive options such as Motel 6.

  7. I’ve been looking at hotel options, there are plenty of cheaper ones within a reasonable distance. I’ve done youth hostels before and I prefer not to, unless I can be assured of having my own bathroom and bedroom. But then, you know, it’s hardly a youth hostel, is it?

  8. The biggest expense is going to be the plane ticket.

  9. Can’t donate because I’m broke, but take a few piles of moral support; that’s free. Kick some ass while you’re there.

  10. hekunicat

    Sally Strange, I made a donation at Almost Diamonds. Have a great trip.

  11. tielserrath

    Me too. I’ve been off work so things are a bit tight, but let me know if you have a shortfall and I’ll see what I can do.

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