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Okay, I’m back. No, really. For real!

Resumption of Blogging

I really feel like a terrible person for a.) writing “Sorry I stopped blogging, I’m gonna start again!” and b.) immediately neglecting my blog like a Republican neglects post-partum babies for, oh, about six months.

I suck. I’m sorry. You should probably tell me to fuck off and never write a blog post again.

Of course, I won’t! I love writing and I need to do this for myself. I have done many, many jobs over the course of my life, but writing isn’t one of them, and it really ought to be. It’s one thing I’ve always wanted to do, ever since age 11 or so, and it’s one thing I haven’t really done. Except for, you know, technical reports and stuff but that’s not what I mean. Persuasive writing! Essays! Fiction! Thinking about it makes me feel a bit like a kid in a candy store. I imagine that people who DON’T like writing would not experience that sort of emotion when contemplating writing a bunch of persuasive essays or short stories or novels. 

I want to explain why I stopped suddenly and without notice. Some of the reasons are related to the now two years’ long kerfuffle in the atheist/skeptic community about sexism and feminism within the community. If you’re unfamiliar with this kerfuffle, this handy timeline will help you understand.  

Why’d I stop? Well, part of it had to do with feeling really insecure about putting myself out there and the potential for stalkers. I’ve been participating a lot in online discussions about feminism and sexism in the atheist/skeptical community, and there are several obsessive haters out there, one of which apparently discovered my real name somehow. And there was that weird rape threat on Thunderf00t’s blog, about which Tf00t had jack squat to say, and the subsequent Slymepit narrative that I sockpuppeted myself on Tf00t’s blog in order to fake this rape threat. If only it were necessary to fake rape threats. That sort of stuff is annoying and alarming, and it coincided with my finding two part-time jobs, one of which was more like a full-time job—I was working on a local politician’s campaign, which was an awesome experience that I plan on talking about more later. So those are the main reasons I stopped blogging.

There’s another reason: it’s intimidating to find something to write about, as if my voice is important and worth listening to, on a regular basis! I can do it easily in response to something someone else says—i.e., commenting on blogs.  It’s much harder to be creative, to take something from my life or from the world, or both, and generate something truly new and interesting. Lame excuse, but there it is. I never said I wasn’t lazy.  

Anyway, this is my “I’m BAAACK!” post. I have exciting news! It involves atheism and women at conferences! Should be juicy!



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