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Apologies for the Dead Air

I’m just getting started and already I’m showing what an asshole I can be.

A combination of laziness, intimidation, illness, starting a new (temporary) job, and really fracking lousy internet service has prevented me posting as regularly as I said I would.

I’ll try to do better.

In the meantime, Balkan Beat Box is playing a free concert in Rochester, NY!

Once again, a favorite artist released a new album and I found out after the fact. This time, it’s “Blue Eyed Black Boy”. From the sounds of it, it’s in keeping with BBB’s talent for mixing Middle Eastern and Balkan melodies and scales with politically conscious rapping and heavy, funky beats. The group was founded by two men who combined punk, kl

Addendum: It took me a really long time to write this post because I had to look up videos and information about Balkan Beat Box, something that should normally take a minute or two at most. However, because of my terrible internet service, I keep getting a “DNS lookup failed” message. I have signed up for a free OpenDNS account, but this has not solved the problem. If any computer-y types out there have advice, I’d be glad to take it! (Any word on TimeWarner as an ISP?)



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